TEKSÜT for Everyone

We work hard to bring our products to perfection, and your tables in their best condition.

TEKSÜT was founded by Recep ARINIK in 1956, in the district of Gönen, Balıkesir. Established initially for the production of white cheese only, our dairy was moved to the modern facilities in February 28, 1990, where we still make production.

Having given particular importance to quality during its production life of over 55 years, TEKSÜT has also improved its product range. Our story that began with white cheese continues today with delicious products of various kinds and portions such as kashkaval cheese, cream cheese, butter, white cheese spread, labaneh, clotted cream, yoghurt, ayran, UHT milk and local cheese (Mihaliç, Çeçil, String, Circassian, Herby, Urfa, Braided...).

Operating with 500 employees on a confined space of about 27000 m², TEKSÜT has moved its quality works to an increasingly meticulous level while producing delicious products. It received ISO 9002 Quality Assurance Certificate in 1998, and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) system documents in 2005. All the staff receives quality and hygiene training on a regular basis. The milk collected with modern milking equipment from all milk collection regions is transferred to the factory in refrigerated trucks to avoid bacteria production. High quality tasty products are obtained by this way. Carrying the "Made in Turkey" inscription to various parts of the world, TEKSÜT exports its products up to the USA and Iraq.

TEKSÜT brings healthy taste products to your tables by fulfilling all hygiene requirements and without breaking the cold chain, which enables it to be the one and only both with its name (‘tek’ in its name means ‘one and only’ in Turkish) and taste.